The Bitter Pill; Climate Change


As the predicament of rivers drying out in Africa continues, climate change continues to whip the continent with its hot wrath. Unfortunately, we continue to applaud the whip asking for more on more of the bitter cane. Recently, massive deforestation took place at Mount Kenya Forest in Kenya, in the name of tree harvesting. Well, why would we reduce whereas we have less? And how does this impact on the efforts to increase the country’s tree cover? The current forest cover in Kenya is at 7 percent with an aim of increasing this to 10 percent by 2020. The impacts of climate change do not adjust themselves based on the severeness of other catastrophic activities.

Growing up, I interacted with Gura River, the fastest, well, maybe was once the ‘Usain Bolt’ of Africa, until climate change happened. This river is now drying up, leaving the community, crops and animals thirsty…

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